Brand New Casinos 2019

The launch of any new casino is always big news. New casinos have the power to provide casino revellers with new online casinos to play with new features, new games, and most importantly, new bonuses.

Whether you are tired of your current casino and simply want a new place to play, or want to try games from alternative developers, there are many reasons why new casinos may be appealing to you.

Best New Online Casinos

Online Casino Site Cards, Chips And DiceSome “new 2019” casinos are merely renovated and revamped versions of their former selves, and others are extensions of already established brands.

This is the case when casinos launch a new “games” or “Vegas” website. However, some new casinos really are just that – new in every sense of the word.

Unless players make a note of checking casino news frequently or happen to catch the launch of a casino on a television advert, there is every chance that they might pass them by.

Some new casinos and online casinos are so well advertised that they are impossible to miss. Be sure to check out new online opportunities.

What to Look For in Brand New Casino Sites

There are so many reasons why a player should diversify the amount of online casinos they play at. First and foremost, the best new casino sites will always try their hardest to stand out by being extra innovative – so you should look for those.

This can be a great way to discover casino games, the best new software providers, and of course – the different types of bonuses you could be in for.

New Casino Sites: Casino Games

New Casino Dice And Chips AnimationNew online games are always coming out. This counts for the online market but also mobile casinos. Both Apple and Google’s app stores are constantly refreshing their count of new mobile casinos and apps.

You can find specialized casinos that only have the best new slots, for instance. And having just one type of game available doesn’t mean less variety, on the contrary. New slot sites offer:

  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • Video slots
  • 3D slots
  • Classic pub fruit slots
  • Innovative features (mini-games, slot design limitations…)

A great way to ensure you’re getting a proper bang for your buck is to look up new slots, play demo versions online, and check out which providers they’re by.

That way, you can choose your new online casino slot site according to which providers they’re partnered with.

This also goes for all-around sites and mobile casinos that host traditional casino games like poker or blackjack. Card games have their quality benchmarks too, so you should look for only the best card game providers.

New Casino Sites: Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Snapping up the hottest casino bonuses is one of the main reasons why players venture out of their casino comfort zone and go looking for new online hotspots.

Among the casino bonuses on offer, you’ll want to privilege only the best online casino sites that provide bonuses for both new players and returning, loyal players.

That is, unless you just want to grab a bonus and run to the next casino. Plenty of people do that. But honestly? You’d be missing out on some casinos’ great loyalty schemes.

Here’s what you want to look for:

  • Free sign-up bonus
  • Welcome package spanning multiple deposits
  • Regularly occurring deposit bonuses
  • Regularly occurring no deposit bonuses
  • Free spins

Free Spins at New Casinos

Woman Playing Free SpinsFree spins are probably among the most frequently offered casino bonuses. Usually, it’s because the casino is still too new to be able to give a lot of bonus money to players.

But you shouldn’t look down on free spins for that reason. Not only are they a great way to get you acquainted with new games, they can also start off streaks of bonus spins on your favourite games.

That way you can play for free, for longer. Add promotional spins on top of the free spins you get from certain slot features, and you could be playing for free and winning real money for hours on end.

New Casino Sites: Terms and Conditions

Now this is definitely the part you want to be taking a good long look at. New casino sites pop up all the time, so the market is saturated with sites that have less than pristine terms.

You’ve really got to be extra careful, because a lot of new sites try their hardest to look spick and span to attract new players. Try to look past all the bells and whistles and focus on what matters.

Here’s what you should check in the terms before you even think of signing up:

  • Low wagering requirements (below x40)
  • Dormancy clauses that do not confiscate your money
  • What ways you can contact the customer service
  • What documents you’ll be asked to provide when you sign up
  • Whether the site has features to encourage responsible gambling

Wagering Requirements at New Casinos

Wagering requirements exist in almost every casino, and the amount really fluctuates. According to your experience, you might think that requirements around the 30-40 mark are normal.

But the higher the wagering requirements, the longer it takes you to fulfill them. And we’ve seen some casinos that offer way under 30, and some that don’t offer wagering requirements at all.

If you’re a new player and you’re unaware of how this works: these requirements refer to the amount of times you’ll have to wager your total bonus money in order to convert it into withdrawable cash.

Here’s how it goes:

  • You are given bonus money or free spins
  • The money & winnings will go into your bonus account
  • Wager that full amount a set amount of times (25, 30, 40, 50…)
  • All bonus money will be transferred to your regular account
  • You may withdraw the money from your regular account

As you can see, bonus money doesn’t exactly qualify as “free” money, as you can only withdraw it after having played a certain amount of times.

These requirements are a staple of older, established casinos. But it’s among the new crowd that we’re beginning to see casinos that eliminate these requirements altogether.

So definitely keep an eye out, because it’s possible.

Brand New Casinos 2019

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Brand New Casinos 2019

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