5 Ways to Increase Your Winning Chances at an Online Casino

Spread of Playing Cards in Yellow BackgroundYou may have seen angry player reviews talking about how it’s impossible to beat the house edge at certain casinos.

Others still denounce gambling as a whole by saying that the casino is the only true winner, because all games are geared towards making them more money.

However, we can tell you right away that there are definitely ways to stack the odds in your favour. It takes some planning and strategy, so if you really want to get serious winnings, you’ll have to be more than just a casual gambler who plays on the go.

1. Take Advantage of Bonuses

If you only play with the casino’s money, then technically you can’t lose. By picking a casino that rewards players with frequent bonuses, you can take care to invest just enough to get the bonuses, and then focus on playing and converting bonus money.

Of course, your playing style will be different if you choose to play with only bonus money. You must be prepared to fulfil wagering requirements within the deadlines of the given promotions.

But while it may be a bit more of a frenetic gaming style, those of you who enjoy staying on top of your expenses and constantly having deadlines could enjoy the added pressure.

Not to mention, it can be a very lucrative strategy in the long run.

2. Brush Up on Your Strategy: Play to Win

A lot of people sign up to casinos and play casually, but the real winnings happen when you know what you’re doing.

This is especially true for card games, where some strategy & knowledge of odds is important if you want a good payout. Yet, there are also a couple of things you can do to maximize winnings when playing slots, too.

Table & Card Game Strategies

You can find strategy guides all over the web, whether it’s on gambler sites or on Youtube. That makes it possible to educate yourself absolutely free of charge.

More complex games like poker require knowledge of winning hands and card-counting to predict what your opponents will play. Use things like odds charts to guide your playing style.

Then you have games like craps, where you can test out ready-made betting strategies to make the most of the pay table.

Choose your game, learn as much as you can, and practice on demo games so you can be sure to pull in some cash when you switch to the real deal.

Strategies to Win More Money at Slots

You might think that slots are all about chance and that you can’t possibly optimize your playing style. Well, think again.

There are several ways to play slots intelligently. Here are a few:

  • Choose slots that pay prizes that are at least higher than the minimum bet
  • Choose slots with features that allow you to play for free
  • Give yourself a betting limit
  • Privilege smaller bets for longer playing time

Once you’ve racked up enough winnings, you can justify making your bets a little higher in order to get higher payouts. In the end, it’s always about making sure you play with just a fraction of your winnings, so you never go into the negatives.

3. Play Truly Random Games

This one is a very important one to take into account at online casinos.

Indeed, one of the first things you want to look at when you sign up at a casino is whether or not their Random Number Generator (RNG) gets audited on a regular basis.

This ensures that the games you play are truly random, so that the house is not tilting the odds in their favour.

This counts for slots, progressive jackpot games, and of course card games. As the dealer is an AI in online card games, you’ll want to make sure its algorithms are random so you get a fair amount of good & bad hands.

4. Play Low Variance Games

If you start venturing into the world of casino strategy guides, you’ll start hearing an awful lot about low-variance and high-variance games.

Variance essentially means the likelihood of you getting a prize. For instance, the higher the jackpot rises, the higher the odds against you as a lot of people are pitching in to get it. And so, the higher the variance rises.

Some people like to chase jackpots. But in the end, you should always make sure to have some income trickling in to act as a sort of financial mattress.

Therefore, you should privilege games that pay small prizes often rather than games that offer huge payouts. The best low variance games are the table & card games.

5. Play Responsibly

This is perhaps the most important tip to increase your winning chances – only bet what you stand to lose.

Remind yourself of that when you start hearing that little inner voice that tells you that you could win even more if you kept going.

Keep your head on straight and stay within your self-imposed betting limit.

Some online casinos actually make this easier for players by offering self-exclusion features on their sites. You can lock yourself out of your account if you are in a downward spiral.